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When was the last time you called Annual Boiler Service to check your Boiler? If the answer is a long time ago, then you must keep reading this article till the end.

Firstly, the Annual Boiler Service is a necessity for the maintenance and effectiveness of your Boiler’s working. It is a cheap and easy way to increase the lifespan of your Boiler. Secondly, the Annual Boiler Service provides you with a team of technicians and engineers who will implement some tests and ensure whether your Boiler is working efficiently or not? Thirdly, their annual visit will reduce the risks of Carbon Monoxide build-up in the upper part of your Boiler. They will ensure that all the Boiler operates safely and at its maximum capacity without causing any harm.

Usually, the best time to check your boiler is, during summers. You should make sure that you solve all the issues related to the Boiler before winters. Winters are freezing. What if your Boiler stopped working and no hot water is available to you? So, right before winters, get your Boiler a complete inspection.

Let us look at the five crucial reasons why Annual Boiler Service is essential?

 Reduce your electricity bills

If your Boiler is consuming a lot of electricity, then you should immediately get your Boiler checked. The safe gas engineers will enhance your Boiler efficiently, that it will start consuming less electricity. They can change the heat thermostat, heat control settings or setpoints. Moreover, If your Boiler will run more effortlessly, it will consume less energy, hence becoming a budget-friendly boiler for you despite its old age and model. 

 Keep your family safe and healthy.

Reportedly, deaths and injuries occur annually due to the leakage of poisonous Carbon Monoxide from the Boiler. To reduce this risk, one should undoubtedly take the Annual Boiler Service. After all one cant compromise on his/her family’s safety and health. The technicians and engineers will have a thorough inspection of your Boiler to check whether it has some leakage or not.

 Replace your Boiler

It’s killing cold outside, and no hot water is coming. Due to your laziness, you couldn’t call the Annual boiler service team, and now your Boiler is having some significant problems with it. Prolonging the inspection will make your Boiler worsen, and then you have to replace it. This will cause such, annoying inconvenience and money. Of course you cant stay without hot water. To avoid all this mess, it’s better to be a little pro-active and get your Boiler an entire check once at least a year.

 To increase the lifespan of your Boiler.

Getting your Boiler a regular check by technicians will save you money in the longer run. Rather than buying new Boilers, you should focus on increasing the previous one’s lifespan again and again. By getting an inspection, the team will tell you about the wear and tear. They will identify the compartments which need replacement. Like this, you can renew your old Boiler and make it work for the many upcoming years.

Keep a check on the warranty.

In case your Boiler has a warranty, it will only work if you are having your annual boiler service done. If you don’t abide by the rules, the company will not give you any warranty insurance.

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